Rhythm of the Drum Publications’ latest book, This Case of Emotional Rape is now available.  
Jacquetta Y. Parhams, Ph.D. has written about her personal experience with emotional rape.  Emotional rape is the exploitation of a person's higher emotions through manipulation and/or deception.  In her true story, two people began a romantic journey and ended up completely estranged because of his need to subsume her emotions.  But she eventually recognized what was happening, put an end to it and began the difficult passage toward healing.  

Dr. Parhams went through her own personal and agonizing therapy.  Through her therapy, learn what in her background and personality made her vulnerable to emotional rape and what empowered her to overcome it.  She wants to share her harshly honest account of pain and healing with you; you may find you have something in common with her.  Perhaps it will help someone else going through a similar crisis.

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This Case of Emotional Rape
ISBN 1-58494-120-0 251 pages 
$14.95 + S&H
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