Jacquetta Y. Parhams, Ph.D. has written about her personal experience with emotional rape.  Emotional rape is the exploitation of a person's higher emotions through manipulation and/or deception.  In her true story, two people began a romantic journey and ended up completely estranged because of his need to subsume her emotions.  But she eventually recognized what was happening, put an end to it and began the difficult passage toward healing.  

Dr. Parhams went through her own personal and agonizing therapy.  Through her therapy, learn what in her background and personality made her vulnerable to emotional rape and what empowered her to overcome it.  She wants to share her harshly honest account of pain and healing with you; you may find you have something in common with her.  Perhaps it will help someone else going through a similar crisis.

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Jacquetta Y. Parhams, Ph.D. had worn many hats.  Among other functions, primarily, she is an author, teacher, life management facilitator, and she is a Christian minister, metaphysician and life coach.

Dr. Parhams was born in Los Angeles, California.  Because her father was in the military, her family lived abroad for a number of years and she was exposed to other cultures, which gave her a broad worldview.  At the age of eight, she read a story about Harriet Tubman, and that shaped her perceptions of race relations and human nature.  She has a strong shero in Harriet Tubman.  

When her father retired back to Los Angeles, Jacquetta Y. Parhams was entering California State University, Long Beach.  It wasn’t until she took a Black Studies class that she really began to truly understand her heritage and culture.  Consequently, she began to search further for her place in the “work” to be done for Black people.

In 1994, after majoring in Black Studies and English and earning a Master of Divinity in Theology from Fuller Seminary, she began Rhythm of the Drum: Our Wholistic Magazine to help disseminate much needed information about wholistic health throughout the Black community.  She then began EFFICIENTIME Life Management to help people manage themselves better with respect to time and health.  

At the time Dr. Parhams had the emotional rape experience, she had was waiting for her "Moor" and thought she had met him.  As she soon found out, she hadn't.  But this experience led to the writing of her second book.  She unabashedly uses whatever experience and knowledge she encounters to help other people.

Currently, Dr. Parhams speaks, teaches and preaches upon request.  She supports various organizations in Tuskegee, Alabama.  She is also a supporter of Northwood Appold Community Academy, a public charter school in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dr. Parhams is an author, teacher, life management facilitator, and she is a Christian minister, metaphysician and life coach.  She is especially interested in uplifting and empowering Black women, but she speaks to all groups.  Contact her to speak to your group today!
After you read This Case of Emotional Rape, i would love to get feedback from you.   Please send an e-mail and let me know what you think about the book, about the idea of emotional rape and whether you've had an experience with emotional rape.  And please join my mailing list so i can keep you abreast of what i have coming up.  I answer all my e-mail.

I'm available for book signings.  I want to talk to your group about This Case of Emotional Rape.  I also lecture on wholistic health, in which i emphasize the importance of focusing on our whole selves instead of symptoms and body parts; Spiritual growth to help you incorporate spiritual principals into your everyday life; and life management where you learn to achieve maximal productivity, optimal health and personal growth with minimal wasted effort, energy and expense.  

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PO Box 830964
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Emotional rape is the exploitation of a person’s higher emotions 
through manipulation and deception.